Drupal at FOSDEM 2010

Drupal at FOSDEM 2010

Next weekend on Sunday, February 7, we'll have a full day of Drupal talks at the 10th edition of FOSDEM, Europe's biggest, free-est and open-est software conference.

FOSDEM,, is a free and non-commercial event organized by the community, for the community. Its goal is to provide Free and Open Source developers a place to meet. The Drupal project was granted a developer room at FOSDEM to do exactly that: to share knowledge about Drupal.

The presentations schedule for the devroom was published a week ago on It features interesting speakers such as Robert Douglass, Károly Négyesi, Roel de Meester and Kristof van Tomme and even more interesting subjects as mobile device design, AHAH, eID and Views 3. Everyone is invited to attend the presentations.

On Friday the giantesque beer event kicks off the conference. For Drupalistas there is a sprint on Saturday in Zaventem

The schedule for Sunday's devroom:

09:15 - Daniel Wehner - Views 3
10:00 - Matthias Vandermaesen - AHAH crash course
10:45 - Simon Elliot - Designing for mobile devices
11:30 - Dieter de Waele - The eID module
12:15 - Károly Négyesi - What's new in Drupal 7
13:30 - Wim Leers - Front end performance
14:15 - Roel de Meester - How to setup the perfect development environment
15:00 - Robert Douglass - Apache Solr and state-of-the-art search techniques
15:45 - Florian Loretan - Upgrading
16:30 - Kristof van Tomme - Drupal and the semantic web

FOSDEM takes place at ULB Campus Solbosch in Brussels.

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