eLearning-Suite ATutor 1.6.2 Beta veröffentlicht

eLearning-Suite ATutor 1.6.2 Beta veröffentlicht

Die "ATutor 1.6.2 Beta-1" ist ab sofort verfügbar. Das finale Release wird für Mitte Dezember erwartet.

Die eLearning-Suite bringt wieder einam wesentliche Verbesserungen in Anwendung und Administration mit sich.
Die qualitätsorientierte Open Source Software hat ihren Augenmerk wie üblich auf Barrierefreiheit und Usability.

Wir haben die Version 1.6.2 (Beta-1) bereits getestet und sind von der Leistung überzeugt. Ein Umstieg von 1.6.1 lohnt sich in jedem Fall und ist mit recht geringem Aufwand möglich.

Der Originaltext der Meldung:

ATutor 1.6.2 Beta-1 is now available for testing and feedback by the ATutor user community. Users should take this opportunity try the new features, suggest adjustments, and report any bugs they might encounter to the ATutor Bug Reports forums. Over the next several weeks a number of pre-release versions will be made available for further testing, leading up to a final stable release about mid-December.

*Download ATutor 1.6.2 Beta-1 Now*

*ATutor Bug Reports Forum*

*ATutor 1.6.2 Demo*

* *New in this version of ATutor* *

*IMS AccessForAll & ISO FDIS 24751 Accessibility* AccessForAll support provides authors the means to add alternate forms of content to their content packages, such as captions for a movie, or a transcript for an audio presentation, or perhaps a flash presentation as an alternate for text based content, etc. Learners can define in their preferences how the ATutor environment is displayed, and define which forms of content they prefer, so content adapts to individual user's learning preferences. (Contributed in part by the *Department of Computer Science at the University of Bologna*)

*ATutor AccessForAll Wiki Page for more details*

*IMS QTI Test Interoperability* QTI test exporting was introduced in the previous version of ATutor, and in this version QTI test importing has been introduced, allowing test developers to backup tests, move them, or share them with others. (Contributed in part by the *Andrew W. Mellon Foundation*)

*ATutor QTI Wiki Page for more details*

*Integrated Content Packaging* Content packaging has been upgraded to the latest IMS CP specification (v1.1.4), and AccessForAll content and QTI tests have been integrated with content packaging so alternate formats and tests can all be exported and imported together, creating adaptable, interoperable learning units.(Contributed in part by the *Andrew W. Mellon Foundation*)

*Gradebook Integration* The ATutor Gradebook, available as an extra module for ATutor 1.6/1.6.1 has been fully integrated into ATutor, becoming a standard module. (Contributed in part by the *Andrew W. Mellon Foundation*)

*ATutor Gradebook Wiki Page for more details*

*New System Preferences* Administrators can now set the local time zone for ATutor, and users can set their own local time zone if it differs. Administrators can turn public registration on or off, turn the student's Unenroll feature on or off, and can turn instructor requests on or off.

*Guest Test Data Collection* Instructors can now create public, guest accessible tests, and collect data and personal information from guest submitters for review and data analysis. (Contributed in part by the *Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine*)

*Module Import/Export* All ATutor maintained extra modules are now available on, and can be imported through the ATutor Module Manager directly from the module repository. Developers can use the module Export tool to package up modules for redistribution. Modules have now been extended with a module uninstall feature, so it is no longer necessary to remove modules manually.

*Theme Designer Documentation* The ATutor Theme Designer Documentation has been integrated into the ATutor Handbook.

*Fluid Multi-File Uploader* The Fluid multi-file upload utility has been added to the ATutor File Manager so now instructors, and content authors, can upload batches of files on one step. The Fluid libraries have been upgraded to v0.5. (Contributed in part by the *Andrew W. Mellon Foundation*)

* *Translation* *
With all the new functionality introduced in this version of ATutor, there are about 300 new language items to be translated. Translators can either install a local version of ATutor 1.6.2, and translate using the built-in translation tools, or translate using the translation site, accessed through MyATutor -> Translate

*MyATutor Translation Tools*

*Translator Documentation*

*MyATutor Translation Tools*

*Translator Documentation*

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